01. Guests must present a valid ID and / or passport and fill their arrival the appropriate form to be sent to the organs of jurisdiction as provided by law;
02. Not allowed people not registered, it is the responsibility of the host;
03. The payment of stay is required at the entrance, inclusive of tax. Payments by credit card and debit cards provide a service charge with a minimum of 3,00 euro. There is a tax disc for all reservation up 77,47 euro;
04. They are allowed with cash payments for amounts of less than € 3.000,00;
05. The Structure is not liable for any theft, except for items left in custody and recorded on a receipt;
06. The Structure is not liable for any failure of households attributable to the Distributing;
07. It is strictly forbidden to make a noise (such as radio or TV-Color noticeable at high volumes from the other guests), or screaming and shouting in all 24 hours .;
08. It is forbidden to leave the room with clothing objectionable material;
09. Any delay of the release of the room beyond the check-out includes a charge of EUR 50.00;
10. The living involves the payment of the total, will not be returned if canceled;
11. The rooms are equipped with bed-linen (change free every 5 days) and towels (change free every 3 days) for each guest with cleaning and change every 3/5 days or at the host;
12. On Sundays and holidays there isn't a cleaning service in the room, included 24/12 and 31/12;
13. The cleaning service is carried out in the room if the room is free before 10:00;
14. The use of the common areas is always enabled with full respect for people's freedom;
15. Smoking is prohibited inside the structure, with the exception of the balcony;
16. It is forbidden to bring animals, unless otherwise authorized by the Management;
17. It is forbidden to throw any object from the windows;
18. It is forbidden any illegal practice contrary to the Criminal Code and the common moral sense. Any violations will be reported to the competent organs of Police;
19. It is forbidden to throw any object in the toilet outside of toilet paper, handkerchiefs, napkins, etc. are provided in the bathrooms litter bins;
20. Damage to the structure will be charged to those who have procured.
21. The guest agrees to the processing of personal data in compliance with the legislation in force, the use made of it concerns only communication Bodies of Competence

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